leJOSUnit 1.0.2


October 1 2003

leJOSUnit is a simple test unit framework for leJOS, a Java Operating System for LEGO (TM) Mindstorms. It is a port of the famous JUnit framework, a testing framework for Java, developed by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma. leJOSUnit has been adopted to the specific requirements (few resources, less footprint) of the leJOS environment.


Download the latest version from leJOSUnit here. For prerequisites see docs/ImplementationDetails.html.


leJOSUnit has been originally developed by Jochen Hiller (jochen.hiller@t-online.de) and will be hosted at SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/lejosunit).



Version 1.0.2 (2003-10-01)

Version 1.0.1 (2003-09-23)

Version 1.0 (2003-09-05)

Contents of the Release

index.html  this file
build.bat, build.sh, build.xml  Scripts and ant-based build file, to build the leJOSUnit project from the scratch. 
bin/run_examples.bat, bin/run_main.bat  Scripts to compile and run main programs, e.g. a simple example. 
docs/*  Additional documentation, implementation details, images, etc. 
docs/api  The generated JavaDocs (docs/api). 
docs/licenses  The licenses of the projects used. 
lib/lejosunit-1.0.2.jar  The library containing only the core framework. This should be the default library to be included, due to the very restricted resources of leJOS. 
lib/lejosunit-1.0.2-complete.jar  The library containing the core framework, all examples and tests. 
src/java  The Java source code for leJOSUnit. 


Below are the installation steps for installing leJOSUnit:

  1. Unzip the lejosunit-1.0.2.zip file
  2. Add lib/lejosunit-1.0.2.jar to the CLASSPATH of your leJOS project.
  3. Write your test classes, provide a main(String[]) method starting the lejosunit.rcxui.TestRunner.

Getting Started

To get started with unit testing make familiar yourself using the JUnit framework. See JUnit for more information.

leJOSUnit provides some simple examples as a demonstration how to use the framework based on the leJOS virtual machine running on LEGO Mindstorms. See the examples within the package lejosunit.examples package.

Notice:  This example can the be compiled, linked and downloaded to the RCX, using the script bin/run_examples.bat. Make sure, that LEJOS_HOME and JAVA_HOME are set to the corresponding directories.

The TestRunner provided by leJOSUnit running on RCX provides this functionality:

Figure 1: The RCX user interface


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